English language integration in Ireland
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The programme offers unpaid work experiences

for teenagers aged 16 and over from 3-8 weeks during summer months.

Accommodation is organised with host families who live close by the place of work

and who provide full board accommodation for the duration. Hosts can be families with children,

single people living alone or older adults with sons and daughters perhaps living away from home.

Students must have at least a high intermediate level of English (B1) in order to take part on the programme.

Placements take time to organise and participants are asked to book with a minimum of 2 months notice.

Programme only currently available for citizens of the European Union.


Jobs are almost always based within the services as this is where they are best placed to interact
with local customers on a regular basis. Some of our most popular placements include coffee shops,
ice cream parlours, restaurants, charity shops, bakeries, sports camps, surf camps, gift shops, florists and pet shops.